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Post  Admin on Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:46 pm

• Only 1 nominated GK is allowed per team, and these are shown on the Player spreadsheet attachment.

• Each week you can only nominate 1 kicker to score goals, if someone else in your squad kicks and scores more, then that is poor coaching (no back-up like online ones)

• Must have a player for 4 weeks before you can trade them - the exception is if a player is sacked from a club in the first 4 weeks of the competition and he is your only NRL rep (eg 2013 if Dugan was your only Raider). You have 1 week to trade them out and recruit someone to cover that NRL club. This can only happen if you had all NRL clubs covered before Round 1 and do not have them covered before round 4 - after round 4, trading is open so you are fine.

• No trading allowed until you are a financial member. In-season bidding starts in the week after NRL Round 2, and finishes after round 20

• A player can only play for 2 teams then they are out of the comp (ie you buy Jeff Lima at the start and sell him round 6, another coach buys him round 7 and dumps him round 13 as he gets injured or is just rubbish – nobody else can buy him)

• You must always have a player from every NRL team in your 25-man squad. They don't have to be named every (or any) week, they just have to be represented. If you do not have all NRL teams covered in your squad, you will forfeit until you do. If you forfeit, you still play the game as per the draw, however you will score zero and it will hurt your F/A badly (so don’t do it)

• If a player changes NRL teams mid-season, and leaves you without a certain NRL team in your squad, you have 1 week's grace to amend (eg when Finchy left Eels to Melbourne a few years ago. If he was your only Eel, you have 1 week to find a new eel - don't have to dump Finchy, just need to sort it out somehow).

• Positions are determined by the NRL Season Guide. You can only name players in the positions as provided by the Guide - if you play someone out of position (eg Fui Fui on the wing), you will not score any points for them. Positions are on the Player List spreadsheet for all perusal and checking pre-season, however once the season starts if there is a typo or something we will amend as the Guide is always correct, and the spreadsheet is only a reflection of the Handbook.

• You can only bid for players on the Player List spreadsheet. Any player not there will be added by The Committee, and listed at the position they played the previous weekend (only 1 position will be listed, even if they covered fullback and wing on the day - whatever the first position was, they are).
If you want to bid for a released player, it can’t be the same week they have been dropped as they are not showing as a free agent on the spreadsheet. You can bid for them the following week.

• Scoring – forward tries are 40 or more tackles and hit-ups by players listed as front row, back row, hooker or reserve backs.

* any points via tries your listed players scores, you score
* any points via goals your chosen goalkicker scores, you score
* if someone else in your squad kicks goals, these points do NOT go to your total as you only get the goals from your named kicker.
* forward tries - if a forward listed in a forwards position (in the pack or in your reserves) get 40+ hitups and tackles according to, they will score a forward try, worth 4 points. if you name a forward as a back (eg John Morris in your reserve backs) and he gets 40+ tackles and hitups, he does not get a forward try as he was not named as a forward.
* -1 for a player sent to sin bin
* -6 for a player sent off

• Teams are to be listed before kick-off of the first game of the round on this forum, and you also need to email the opposing coach your squad (courtesy). Changes can be made up until kick-off of the first match, email and forum to be notified.

• Top 5 play-off system

Trading rules – see Trading link

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