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Semi Finals Empty Aardvarks vs The Teddy Bears

Post  aardvark on Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:21 pm

Going in as underdogs against the Comp's red hot favourites, the Aardvarks will have to bring their top shelf game if we are able to pull off the upset.

News just in sees James Roberts cleared for the Bears - apparrently they got Pauline Hanson to run the Psych test confused

Aardvarks have kept the same 18 as last week with no changes as Blake Ferguson fails to get a start and Aidan Sezer remaining with the #18 on his back

Aardvarks for the weekend are -;

Cameron Munster
Curtis Rona
David Nofoaluma
David Fusitua
Jordan Rapana
Jordan Rankin
Johnathan Thurston
Paul Gallen
Elijah Taylor
Jamie Buhrer
Matt Scott
Nathan Peats
Tepai Moeroa
Konrad Hurrell
Greg Inglis
Tyrone Peachey
Tom Burgess
Johnathan Thurston

18th Man Aidan Sezer


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Semi Finals Empty Semi Finals

Post  Stumpy on Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:02 pm

The Bears may be guilty of over training during the week off, resulting in the loss of Tedesco, Feki, Lolohea and probably Lee and Roberts as well. The latter has been included pending a late psychological assessment, whilst new recruits Opacic and Maumalo come straight into the 17.
The full squad is:
FB David Mead
W Brett Morris
C James Roberts
C Taane Milne
W Ken Maumalo
FE Connor Watson
HF Anthony Milford
BR Sam Burgess
BR Trent Merrin
BR Corey Parker
FR Tim Mannah
HK Michael Lichaa
FR Jesse Bromwich ©
ResBK Tom Opacic
ResBK Brenko Lee
ResFD Matt Parcell
ResFD John Sutton
Kicker Corey Parker
18th Man Euan Aitken

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