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Pre-Season - Bidding for your squad Empty Pre-Season - Bidding for your squad

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:54 pm

2012 addition - before the actual bidding begins, you nominate your 2 "loyalty" players from the previous season. You pay the dollar value from the previous season for these loyalty players. You cannot select a current season kicker as a loyalty player.

Round 1 - your kicker. In prioritised order, list your preferred kickers with a dollar value (no minimum). Everyone’s first choice is allocated at the top price, but if you were not successful with your first bid, we try for your second choice. If unsuccessful with all 5 choices, you have to wait until trading begins after Round 2 and purchase from whoever is left at their season cost (minimum $250,000)

Round 2 – 16 nominations (1 from each NRL team). You bid what you want to pay for the player – if you are the only person to bid for him, you get them at half the price that you bid. If two or more players bid, then the highest bidder gets them at the full price. For example – I bid on Jeff Lima $100,000 and nobody else does, so I get him for $50,000. 3 people bid for Jeff Lima, so whoever is the highest pays the full nominated bid for them.

Round 3 – 5 bids to try and fill your squad (no minimum)

Round 4 – another 5 bids to fill your squad

Round 5 – (if needed) – unlimited bids to fill your squad (or to have at least 20 which is minimum, but all NRL clubs must be represented or you can’t field a team (you will forfeit, and will score ZERO however the team that fields a team will score all their points they earned that weekend. This will hurt your F/A)

You don't have to get 25 players during this bidding period, and some coaches don't. It is totally up to you - some like to fill their squad being able to buy a player from $1000, but some like to leave a space to get an early player to cover possible injuries or whatever. Coaches’ choice.

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