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Post  Stumpy on Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:41 pm

What's happened to my post from last night??? And the one I was replying to, for that matter???

Really don't have time to type it out again, especially if Goebbels and his propaganda ministry are just going to delete it again........ Rolling Eyes

As for the posts that are still visible, I think the Aardvark makes the most sense "I think the Gutsy comp and trading works well - and I wouldn't be tinkering with it too much"

All the talk of FABB's and discounts for rankings and extra trades for teams with red socks sounds unnecessarily complicated and potentially biassed to some teams compared to others (not sure any game needs those kind of rules); but most of all it seems like a lot of extra work for The Committee - that's obviously an issue for him.

If you managed to read my post before it's removal (and I wouldn't mind an explanation) you'd know the 5:30pm Thursday cut-off is particularly inconvenient for me; it even meant I had to forfeit a game this year, but every game has rules and you either play by them or opt out. The GC has evolved to where it is, and has eliminated the 'fastest finger' and last minute bid scenarios - 30 minutes is not a split second. I'd suggest you give it a lot of thought before you go making any big changes that just create a whole bunch of potential loopholes and other problems that in turn take a further 3 years to fix up.

Good luck to you all

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BIDDING OPTIONS Empty Trade Possibles

Post  Frank Th on Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:58 am

Thought of a couple ideas last night

1/ Get rid of season trading altogether and increase your inital squad by 2 at the beginning of the season. If players get injured too bad. Harsh i know but just an idea.

2/ You only have 3-5 available trades once the season kicks off. If you are successful/unsuccessful too bad you lose a trade. That also is a bit harsh.

3/I do like the blind auction, where you put in your first and final offer for a player.

Look, i am of the opinion that if you lose out on a trade it's not the end of the world, it is only a "Fantasy League" emphasis on "Fantasy". Every team has some type of injuries during the season and have to live with alot of them.

Frank Th

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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:54 am

At the start of the season, we put in the blind bids, meaning you put down exactly what you want to pay for a player. If 2 people put the same bid in, and it is the top bid, the person who got in first gets the player.

How could this NOT work during the season as well? Bidding period could be 24 or 48 hours only, that way results are in and can be updated for the coming weekend (even though it would be funny to drag discussions out for weeks). Having this sort of trading would see consistency in the GC - trading methods the same from start to finish of season.

This would also mean the Forum is not required for trading, although I would probably just put weekly updates these for a record.

The only downside to this is that the coach of the Showers would have to send his bids to another coach before the bidding period starts (which at present is before teams are announced), which is not cool. Perhaps bidding could began Tuesday night after teams are announced to give everyone a chance to see who is named before bidding. Sending the bid early is fine, just have to be up to date and on the ball (time to change!)

Nice one, Tony Very Happy

Still up for suggestions though, don't be shy, gents

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BIDDING OPTIONS Empty Gutsy Trading

Post  aardvark on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:52 pm

Keen on some sort of change - especially at the moment where I've lost the ability at work to access the Gutsy Forum - as our Firewall keeps us away from it Evil or Very Mad ..... Brad is in the same boat here....

(Maybe better get my iPad) geek

Anyway - the 24 hour option looks good - meaning bidding could go on for days - and the player may not be available for the upcoming weekend.

I think the Gutsy comp and trading works well - and I wouldn't be tinkering with it too much - so the 7x24 looks to be worth a go.....


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Post  arfer on Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:29 pm

Dave has suggested we look at reviewing the way acutions are held - to eliminate all last minute bidding as some teams are affected with the timing as it is while some are caught in traffic heading home from the office, so changing the finish time is a definite possibility.

Thought i'd move it here as we can continue the discussion.............

Daves initial idea was
1. Leave trading open 24/7, and make it season long (not unlike NRL). Part of this though would be 24 hours cooling off period for the player - the highest bid on the player would sit for 24 hours until it is accepted. Could happen over the weekend or whatever, but 24 hours after the current and highest bid is close. This would mean nobody is disadvantaged with time, and everyone has to bid what the player is worth. You will still manage to get some bargains, but you will never again get a Thursday 5.29pm bid on a player you had the balls to say you wanted wednesday morning.

2. Option 2:
Have blind auctions each week. Deadline Thursday (time tba). Blind auctions similar to teh way the original bids are made in the GC, only each player has a minimum value as per the rules (50kk, 100k, 200k, 250k).

You bid anyime up the deadline and send up to three bids to Dave - again similar to the initial draft. First bids resolved first, 2nd next etc. You get the player for what the 2nd bidder bid + 10k (for e.g.). If the same amount, the lower ranked team wins

It would be good to incorporate some in-running table bonus - meaning the last placed team gets either bonus funds (though this would mean lots of additional work for the salary cap ranking) or a discount on current players, i.e. if you have a team worth $3.5M last place might get a 10% discount meaning an extra 350k to play with - though again this could be abused in later week through transfers....!?!?!

3. Option 3: (needds some thought)
FAAB (Free Agent Bidding Budget). Each season, you get 100 FABB's. You can use these at any time during the season. They are the currency for bidding, so if you bid 25 FABB's for Bakuya then that is 25% of your entire budget, and regardless of who else bid for him, you'd lose 25% of your season FABB's. Bidding again is blind so no last minute bidding. Could also incorporate the ranking bonus - i.e. last place gets an additional 12 FABB's, 1st place gets nothing.....(This is a bit complex though and it might require some thought)


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