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Bluetongues - week 3 Empty Bluetongues - week 3

Post  arfer on Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:44 am

The Bluetongues have named almost the same side that has taken the field the last two weeks. The only difference being that new recruit Fensom steps onto the bench for a tired Russell Packer. Cameron Smith is planning on moving back to the forwards, where he serves the Bluetongues best.

The Bluetongues recruited Fensom this week and at first expected some fierce competition for his signature were pleasantly surprised to have recruited him without too much opposition. His agent wsn't as happy, hoping to have enticed more clubs into a bidding war - by getting young Shaun to double his workload for the first two weeks. As it is Fensom was more than happy to sign for his local side after meeting coach DBT at Gus's cafe.

This week the side comes up against the nosy Aardvarks whose agent (along with 10 others) had been spotted in Canberra recently - we thought on a mission to recruit Fensom himself, but I think they probably realised the Bluetongues were all cashed up. Needless to sasy all those agents were run out of town.

The Bluetongues are hoping to bring back past glories this season and are hoping to inflict some early pain on to the Aardvarks to show just how serious they are.

The full side is

Coote, Lachlan
Folau, Israel
Williams, Tony
Graham, Ashley
Graham, Phil
Mortimer, Daniel
Hornby, Ben
Watmough, Anthony
Laffranchi, Anthony
Paterson, Cory
Stuart, Luke
Farah, Robbie
Douglas, Luke
Lockyer, Darren
Barba, Ben
Smith, Cameron
Fensom, Shaun
Smith, Cameron

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