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"ARONAGATE" Empty Peyroux

Post  seagull on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:47 pm

Hi guys, ive just got back from holidays for two weeks & haven't been keeping up with the GC goings on. We bought Peyroux thinking he was a novice & not a rep player but apparently he has played for Tonga which is like playing for Coogee Wombats A Grade but rules are rules so we are happy to have the trade reversed.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I work two jobs & have two kids so my time spent on the net studying the NRL like i used to has gone.


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Post  aardvark on Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:41 pm

Thought we'd better move out of the "Trading" Forum and get into the General Discussion

A few years ago now - we had the incident which was dubbed "AbrahamGate" - no doubt a few can recall this as it shook the foundations of the 'young 'Gutsy Cup

Now we have "ARONAGATE"

No well respected team manager, especially one as experienced as Stumpy would ever think of putting a bid on without first checking the bible....... So one then should assume scratch that there is another agenda at play here - 'cos surely we wouldn't think a fellow 'respected' coach would go straight out to break the rules.

Maybe that post in regards to Peyroux gives an inkling to the twisted thoughts from our friend down in Jindabyne ?

Peyroux - well he was never in the handbook, and the majority would think he's a novice, let alone that he's a famous fellow from the Cook Islands..... I sort of remember there being a precedence on this situation before - and as he was not listed in the handbook (the no.1 golden rule study ), it would be up to someone else to pick this up before the end of bidding - otherwise, it can be taken - all was in good faith and the bid would stand.

As for Arona - his is listed as a rep player in the handbook - GOLDEN RULE NO.1 .... which means he is a 200k player - no ifs or buts.... Evil or Very Mad

Reckon Stumpy can put up another 100k for Arona (as a good jesture santa - and keep the trade) - otherwise, Trade should be reneged....!!!!!!

The Integrity of the Gutsy Cup - with its Golden Rule MUST prevail !!!!!!


....an oft quoted saying from a GC manager.

Regardless of the Peyroux trade. This trade is against the rules and combined with the Peyroux trade sets a bad precedent.

Both these trades (Peyroux and Arona) should be reversed before either player happens to contribute to a sides score that wns a match.

But we do need a decision now especially because Peyroux was traded in for Aiden Sezer who may become the subject of a bid this week. At that point, it will be too late to retract the peyroux trade.

It is not too late to reverse either trade, and neither player has set the world on fire, but the damage from a poor precedent is far worse.

What if next week, Sonny-Bill announces he'll play for the Roosters?...the same rule would have to apply.

These are rules we have played under, and been subject to trade retractions for the last five years or so.

The only other alternative I see is to change the rules now and allow all rep players to be signed for 100k regardless.


. Re: Bears trade - Arona
Stumpy Yesterday at 12:52 am

.The Bears posted about Peyroux at the time (you can check if you wish) and also notified the COmmittee directly the same day. We took the non-reversal as an indication that Cook Islands is not relevant under the GC rules and so bid accordingly on Arona who has played less games (and scored less tries) than the winger with the girls name. We subsequently informed the COmmittee of Arona's status and were told the trade would stand.......and right on cue Jason King decided to step up this weekend .


. and so says the bible
aardvark on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:09 pm

The Bible - alas the Handbook - also has Arona noted as a Rep Player for the Cook Islands - so no excuses on this one for the Bears......


. Re: Bears trade - Arona
arfer on Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:21 am

.....actually we're all happy with our squads, it's only the Showers and bears with crap teams.....

Back to the main topic though......

Arona is a Cook Islands rep player, so the trade should be null and void (sorry)

We had thought about him earlier as well,

Just checked up on the Peyroux trade a few weeks ago which should also be void for the same reason

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