Trading options for 2013

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Trading options for 2013 Empty Interesting option

Post  aardvark on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:24 pm

When I first started reading, wasn't too sure - but as the explanations came out - probably isn't too bad and would make for an interesting experiment to see how it went.

Reckon we'd end up getting the bidding over with early in the week as everyone tries to get the finishing time that suits themselves - which probably isn't a bad idea... (1am bed times to outbid a Bear Bid)

and keeping bidding but no trading between players going to the end of the rounds - probably not a bad idea as those with Hayne, Burns & Sironen would now atest to...


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Trading options for 2013 Empty Trading options for 2013

Post  arfer on Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:41 pm

Now that trading is done and dusted in the GC for the year, i was wondering about next year and thought about whether the following could be mooted as an option

• Trading period starts Monday 12 noon – this will allow for a gambling element as explained later
• Finishes 10am Friday (or some other time on Friday)
• Trading values unchanged (i.e. 50k, 100k, 200k)
• Each bid commences at the time the bid was placed and lasts exactly 24 hours:
o This means if you put a bid on at 2am Tuesday morning it closes at 2am Wed morning
o If anyone else bids, same rules apply as this year – add half an hour if it is within half an hour of the close time
o No bids [/list]allowed to be placed after 24 before the cut-off time (i.e. each bid must be on the table for at least 24 hours)
• Managers are only allowed to have one bid active at any time

The advantages are that the person placing the first bid will have the advantage of controlling the bidding period – i.e. it is to their advantage and they can place a bid, knowing that they will be available in 24 hours time to make sure no-one else has bid on that player. This would suit people like Steve, who keeps irregular hours, or the Tanks a few weeks back who were unable to follow their bid up.

Starting the bidding on a Monday will also mean you could gamble on a player being named. e.g. Gidley gets injured. You could place a bid on Will Smith (like Brad did) in the hope he’ll be named the following afternoon and have the bidding finished before the team announcement.

I don't think it will mean too much more work for Anna Bligh as she could go in at any time to approve trades

It is similar to the NNRL system with the 24 hours, but building on the current bidding lag time thingy, where an auction is extended for half an hour after the bid completion time.

We would also still be restricted to having one trade a week

Another option for consideration....
- Allow teams to recruit right up until finals, but stop trading between teams as we do now.

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