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Post  Admin on Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:44 am


We are keen to "borrow" the Nearly Sport idea of an 18th man. For those unfamiliar, it works like this :

* you name your 17 man squad as per standard GC rules.
* you then name an 18th man - if someone is a late withdrawal, then if this 18th man is can cover that position, then he will slot in.

Example - BT's in the Grand Final named their team, but heard a rumour Dugan may miss out, so he names another fullback as 18th man (or puts Dugan in the reserves and names another back as 18th man). Dugan doesn't play, so this 18th man is in the squad. This only works when the 18th man can slot into the vacant position - if a back rower is named 18th man, and your hooker is a late withdrawal, then the backrower cannot play that position so too bad. There will be no reshuffling to make it fit, it is only a straight swap from the spot on your team.

Head on over to the other post about trading to make your comments.


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