Option for Minor Mods to Trading for 2013

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Option for Minor Mods to Trading for 2013 Empty Option for Minor Mods to Trading for 2013

Post  aardvark on Fri May 24, 2013 4:42 pm

I do believe that like the Refs and the NRL - it's time to say this isn't working and make a minor change mid season so that the Trading part of the game again becomes a workable part of the game.....

As it is now - you are expected to make a decision on players without all the info at hand (prior to Wednesday 2pm)

Teams are announced Tuesday afternoon/evening - but even if it was just based on the team announcement - you are left with a small window that you have to dedicate time to the GC and make a decision on that week's trading - and at this point you'll only get 1 chance if someone else decideds to bid against you as the window will close.... Part of what we all say is that we didn't want to be tied to a certain part of the week - but in effect, we have made it worse than in previous years.

But more importantly though - is the trickle of injury news - which after scans and other aspects - most of this is filtering through on a Wednesday night if you get to chase things online or otherwise a Thursday morning - which is well and truly after the window closes. You see a player go off injured on the weekend or Monday night - but you don't find out the seriousness until Wednesday night or Thursday morning - and there's been heaps of examples of these.

If you want to get a 2nd bite of the cherry (an alternative trade) then having to make your trading decisions before teams are announced and before the Monday night game has played has reduced the enjoyment of the Gutsy.

On a positive though - the 48 hours is a good thing and the first part of the rule as it is should be kept...

What I think should be put into place -> for the remainder of this season, is that the Wednesday cutoff is removed and replaced by a final decision time - being say Friday 2pm and any final bids must be entered by Thursday 10pm.... No one wants the trading to go further and definately not roll into the weekend.... We could even make the cutoff Friday Midday if that was better.

With the Trading window opening on Monday at midday - Up until Wednesday 2pm - it is a 48 hour window... After this point, it becomes a reducing window (for decision at 2pm on the Friday) - up until the Thursday 10pm deadline which would leave a minimum window of 16 hours for a trade option to be alive.

Majority of players would have been bid on early and decided as part of the intention of the current rules.... This change/addition allows people a chance for an alternative trade for the week - noting the priority picks would have already gone for the week.

The NRL and Refs can make minor rule mods during the season - I'm sure the GC can as well.

This mod to the rule has been discussed with a couple of others and has their support...

Maybe it is worth a vote and if the majority - or even 75% want the change - then we should make this change to keep the GC at the enjoyable level it has always been at...

Just think we need to move forward this season rather than sit back and wait for next year with people getting frustrated as I think there is at least one who has pulled back from trading due to this....

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