Ungooris Vs Blue tongues

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Ungooris Vs Blue tongues Empty Bluetongues

Post  arfer on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:46 pm

Here is the Bluetongues side for the first match of the season.

The boys are as ready as they'll ever be - mouthguards fitted, condoms distributed and 'keep off' warning pictures circulated of a certain celebrity who may be on the lookout for another sportsman to cockold.

Good luck Ungooris, good luck to the rest of the comp, you're gonna need it .....THE BLUETONGUES ARE BACK

Coote, Lachlan
Folau, Israel
Williams, Tony
Graham, Ashley
Graham, Phil
Mortimer, Daniel
Hornby, Ben
Watmough, Anthony
Laffranchi, Anthony
Paterson, Cory
Stuart, Luke
Farah, Robbie
Douglas, Luke
Lockyer, Darren
Barba, Ben
Smith, Cameron
Packer, Russell
Smith, Cameron


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Ungooris Vs Blue tongues Empty Ungooris Vs Blue tongues

Post  John Rheinberger on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:48 am

FB T Moltzen
W B Ferguson
C D Vidot
C A Quinn
W K Gordon
FE T Carney
HF P Wallace
BR G Warburton
BR S Southern
BR M Aubusson
FR E PettyBourne
HK L Lewis
FR J Perry
RSBK G Rovelli
RSFD R Hinchcliffe
RSFD S Anderson
GK T Carney

John Rheinberger

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