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Clarification on Rep Status Empty Re: Clarification on Rep Status

Post  Pooh-Bah on Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:13 pm

To copy this from the revised rules set in place for 2016 onwards. This supersedes previous rep rules

7. Player Minimum values
Minimum player values follows:
• $250k minimum. For a goal kicker (No change)
• $50k minimum. For a rookie who has played less than 5 NRL games. (No change)
• $100k minimum. For a player who has played 5 or more NRL games. (No change)
• $200k minimum. For a rep player – now defined as at least one game played in State of Origin or National sides for Australia, New Zealand and England only

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Clarification on Rep Status Empty Clarification on Rep Status

Post  Pooh-Bah on Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:38 pm

as per email notification - 24-Apr-2014

2. Rep Status

We know this is an issue that often arises and we use the NRL guide and Wikipedia or other NRL player information such as RLP Player Stats ( to form an opinion. Unfortunately, as it stands this is the best we can do – and as Dave says, the Guide is the bible and if there is any doubt, then it takes precedence. However the NRL guide is often not up to date, or in the cases with some of the additional and Holden cup players some rep honours are not listed. This is unavoidable.

However, to clarify what a rep player is, it is a player who has played at least one game for one of the following:

A) International Rugby League teams –
These are National Teams that are members of the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) and compete in sanctioned international matches. Being listed on the RLIF World Rankings maybe a good way to identify these as those countries with only “Observer Status” do not make these rankings.

_basically, if you are in any doubt about which teams are in the RLIF listing, review the attached link which has rankings based on all official matches, and also includes nations who haven't played during the rankings period.

B) State of Origin

C) City v Country

It does not include players who have only played any of the following.......

· Rugby Union or other sport’s national teams

· Rugby League 2nd tier National Teams, such as the Prime Minister’s XIII, England A or England Knights

· Non-Rugby League affiliated countries (non sanctioned games, such as the Portugal team conceived in Australia and yet to receive RLIF recognition at “Observer” level)

· Queensland & NSW Residents – these teams are selected from both the Queensland Cup & NSW Metro Cups only. These comps are 2nd tier competitions and NRL Players are not eligible for these teams unless they have played a certain amount of games in these competitions.

· Junior Representative Teams - Incl. U18 & U20 State of Origin (Holden Cup players) and the Junior Kangaroos

· Indigenous All-Stars or any other affiliated or one-off matches

· National Sevens or Nines tournaments

Next year we are looking at putting forward a proposal to change these rules and make them simpler, but this year, we need to ensure we know the levels accordingly – and if in any doubt ask Dave, Ian or Tony

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