Wineflies trade - cook

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Wineflies trade - cook Empty Trade approved

Post  Pooh-Bah on Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:28 pm

Trade approved to the Wineflies for $50k
(4 games played to last Friday -

Unfortunately for the Wineflies the trade was endorsed 48 hours after the initial bid was placed - i.e. @ 1:04 Friday - This was after the deadline for team submissions for this week and according to the rules
(..."Any player who remains in the process of trading negotiations (as being offered for release to bring in another player) at the time of the deadline for naming that round's team - is not permitted to be named in that round's team")

Hopefully for the Wineflies, Cook will get to play next week

Pritchard dumped

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Wineflies trade - cook Empty Wineflies trade - cook

Post  gullman on Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:03 pm

Offer on the table $50k for Damien Cook
Frank Pritchard to make way if succesful.


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